Food Bank



Food Bank

Society is a total network of relation between Human Beings. What defines an ideal society are not Human Beings but the relations between them that transcends petty man made distinctions. “ALL INDIA HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCEL” has a loftier dream that not merely to stand high in society but It is to stoop and lift mankind a little higher. Success for us has nothing to do with what we  have accomplished for ourselves.It is more about what we have done for others. Strong people stand up for themselves, Stronger people stand up for others. India is a land of diversity and has various social status. The wealthy people live their lives in a luxurious way where as the poverty stricken class do not  even have the basic necessities of life. India observes a larger number of infant mortality rate due to malnutrition every year. So to provide hygienic food to these miserable people to improve their health status  we have initiated ‘FOOD BANK’. It is a initiative taken for the welfare of deprived class of people. It may be easier for them to arrange eatables or money for buying eatables during daytime but they often fail to get eatables during night  for this reason we provide them food 24*7.

Everyday people donate food to us and our team roam from one place to another place within Asansol and search for hungry and distressed people and feed them. ‘FOOD BANK’ only accepts donation in the form of food and no monetary transactions are allowed. Our motto is to make Asansol a city where no one sleeps hungry. Each and everyday our volunteers search for poor and homeless people after dusk at different places and meet the needs of the underfed people by efficiently redistributing food  to them . We want everyone’s support and encouragement in this marvelous effort as it can save thousands of lives. Now a days many people are suffering from viral diseases and the main cause is lack of proper nutrition as they can’t even get adequate food for their survival.

The aims and objects of “ALL INDIA HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCEL” is not only to provide nutrition and food to those who have no shed on their head but to increase awareness among them about nutrition and necessity of eco friendly environment to live in. We have tried our level best to make them understand not to beg for their living. They are also a citizen of the union of India and have the same right as ours.  Our best endeavour is to distribute foods through ‘FOOD BANK’ will be successful when vizil among them arouse in height. Every evening continuously we serve them a complete meal as it is our motto that no one should go to sleep in hunger around us.